Monday, August 3, 2009

Aumkaaram Bindu Samyuktam

Aumkaaram Bindu Samyuktam
Nityam Dhyaayanti Yoginah
Kaamadam Mokshadam Chaiva
Aumkaaraaya Namo Namah

Aumkaaram - The yogis always meditate upon the Aumkar with the Bindu (dot). We bow done to the Aumkar, that is eternal that grants us liberation. The Aum written with a Bindu (dot) signifies that we are but a drop from the Aum - the sound of all creation. The smallest unit of the Ocean is a drop. Each drop tastes as salty as the Ocean but it is not the Ocean. Yet it can merge back into the Ocean when it evaporates, and falls back as rain.

In the same way, every individual is a spark of divinity and has all the necessary qualities to become ONE with Him. It is for the individual to rise like water vapor by putting Ideals into daily practice. It is this striving for excellence that will return Man to God, just as the rain drop merges back into the sea.

The AUM is the sound symbol - the supreme of God. To know the AUM is to know the secret of the universe. AUM is the abode of the soul. The chanting of AUM twenty one times has a special significance. The day at Puttaparti starts with the chanting of twenty-one AUMS.

We have five senses of action ( Karmendhriyas), five senses of knowledge (jnaanendhriyas), five vital airs (Pranas), and five bodies' sheaths (Koshas). The recitation of AUM purifies and clarifies all these 20 components and makes man the 21st entity. Chanting of AUM raises our consciousness for final emergence with the Lord almighty. AUM brings peace and bliss for the body, mind and the soul.

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